For the Love of Dachsies

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Hello Dachsie Lovers!

My name is Wimpy and I'm a dachshund. My mom says I'm a handsome boy and she's always tellin' me I'm very special!! Anyway... I want to welcome you to Dachsie.Org. I've found lots of links which I hope will be helpful to all you dachsie lovers out there. :)

Ya know, sometimes us dachsies have problems with our backs because we have such short little legs and loonnngg bodies. There ARE some things that our mommies and daddies can do to help keep this from happening.

Us dachsies just LOVE to eat and eat and eat (oops! sorry, I got carried away) but if we eat too much and get too fat, it's not good for our backs... so watch out for all those extra treats!

We also LOVE to jump on and off the furniture 'cause that's where our hoomans always are and it's so much softer than the floor (it's fun, too!)... but all that jumping can hurt our backs. If you feel adventurous, and would like to try your hand at building your own doggie ramps, here are some instructions!

If you want to learn more about dachsie back problems, please visit DCA's Canine Intervertebral Disk Disease Booklet.

See y'all later...

Slurps and Tail Wags,